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the sealing surface of three eccentric butter......

the sealing surface of three eccentric butter......

this kind of valve is applied to the horizont......

flat bottom seat ring integral with the body,......

this kind of product is used as stretchy comp......


After-sale service

1. according to the using circumstance, we have established the produce instructions, operating manuals and simple maintenance methods.
2. if it is needed, we can send technical personnel to give on-the-spot installment guidance as free
3. we will keep abreast of the product using condition, and make corresponding measures to some undesirable phenomenon

Service promise

1. If the customers find that the products have some troubles, no matter whose mistake it belongs to, we are sending our technical personnel to the scene immediately when we receive the user’s call.
2. If it has some wrong with quality within guarantee time, we can replace the products until the customers feel satisfied.
3. After the quality-guarantee time, we can give free maintenance if the produces have some wrong with the quality

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